WIN-TV 재미이산가족 상봉추진 30년 보고서 3부,우리는 만나야 한다!

2020 전파진흥원 제작 지원 다큐멘터리 WIN-TV 재미이산가족 상봉추진 30년 보고서 3부우리는 만나야 한다

나레이션: 임동진 배우

There are four groups of divided families: The first were separated right after World War II in Manchuria, the second were separated during the Korean War, the third were Korean War POWs, and the fourth were civilians taken to North Korea by force during the war. #윈티비#재미이산가족#상봉추진#이차희#DFUSA#한국전쟁70년#시카고