How to say “I got goose bumps” in Korean (극한직업, Extreme Job)

Today’s topic is “Movie – Extreme Job”

I am all about teaching you Korean phrases so you can use these phrases throughout the week to surprise your friends and also to be able to build up your own Korean skills.

What I’m going to be focusing on today, is a movie called “Extreme Job”. So this movie is about a police unit and they’re kind of getting into a bit of trouble. And so, the head of the police station that they are at is saying that, “you know what? If you don’t catch a criminal, then you’re out of here. and so the unit is actually a drug unit and they are then, setting out to find a way to find a way where they can catch a particular criminal. Now, the solution that they found is that they’re going to set up a chicken shop right across the street from one of the criminals where he lives. So that way they can observe and when the time is right, be able to catch him. Now, there are a couple of different phrases that I’m going to pull out from this movie and teach you.

These are the three phrases that I will teach you:

  1. Get out!
  2. I got goose bumps.
  3. They are popped up.